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Do you remember a time, way back in what feels like the stone age, where people used to write an online diary? Well, the weblog to be precise. That time feels like a distant memory now due to the heavily populated interweb filled with marble flatlays, beautifully photographed reviews and tons upon tons of sponsored content. Yet those simple origins paved the way for celebrity style bloggers of today, and I feel like they’ve sometimes been forgotten.

If that’s your bag, then cool as everyone’s got to make a living, but these basic blogs got me into writing. I loved writing about trivial things and experiences, but now I look at the content out there and wonder what I can add to the mix. So in my little corner, I’ve decided to take it back to basics. Back to a time where people just wrote random shit and let the world know what they were thinking. Apparently, as a so-called entitled millennial (I do hate that word) I’ve got plenty to say, and everyone should listen so here it goes, here’s me in a nutshell.

Hi, I’m Tasha, I’ve been hanging around the blogging community for a while now, but you’ve probably never heard of me. Obviously, I love writing (as why else would I be typing this), and since my writing journey began, I’ve written for national magazines, tons of brands and that site that loves free content – The HuffPost. I love getting inked, and I have a sleeve plus several other tattoos, I also love coffee (probably far too much, oh the cliche!).

I’m one of those people that actually doesn’t care about being successful (in the conventional sense), rich or such like, I just strive to actually try and make a small difference (however small), chill out and be happy. I mean I must be doing something right when people tell me I don’t look my age (I’m 33) but then what does a 33-year old look like?

I’ve decided to call it a blog/journal as it will be sharing my thoughts, feelings, life and all that jazz. My life isn’t crazy interesting; I’m not travelling the world on a whim or adorning the latest events in the latest trends. I’m just a person who loves to write, take pretty pictures and enjoy every day as it comes.  So if you’d like a no thrills, real life, don’t give a shit blog then come and say hi!

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